1 x 10 Ltr Yara Air1 AdBlue


Yara Air1 AdBlue Urea Solution Emission Reduction Agent 10 Litre

AdBlue is a clear, non-toxic, synthetic 32.5% urea solution in pure water.
AdBlue is used for aftertreatment of exhaust gases in trucks as well as in diesel vehicles with SCR
Catalytic converters. AdBlue is added to the exhaust flow before the catalytic converter, and
provides a chemical reaction. The canister product includes a filling aid, with which the AdBlue is filled into the tank.
Please ensure that the filling aid is clean.
AdBlue should not be exposed to direct sunlight due to possible algae formation.
The canister product must be visually inspected for algae and crystal formation before use. The
Canister filling aid must always be clean. Wetting the skin with the product is
Non-toxic, adherent residues should be washed.

x1 10 Ltr container

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