Carpet Mat Set - Panda 2003-2012

These stylish, genuine Fiat Panda Mats are a great addition to any Fiat Panda they help to protect the original carpet in the foot wells of the Fiat Panda, as well as adding a touch of style to the interior.

These Fiat Panda Mats are made from Carpet and are Black in colour.

They are designed specifically for the Fiat Panda meaning these Fiat Panda Mats are a great choice for a perfect fit.

The Fiat Panda Mats come as a set of four and the front Fiat Panda Mats are personalised with the Fiat Panda Logo.

These are tailored to be a perfect fit for the 2WD Fiat Panda 2003-2012 Range



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