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Damson Twist - Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Damson Twist is not just another Bluetooth speaker this is far more. The Twist is like no other speaker you will have ever held or played. The Damson Twist amplifies sound by using almost any surface you place it on and they are now available on Alfa Accessories.

As well as being a smart piece of technology the Twist is available in a stylish Red colour and features the Alfa Romeo Logo.

The Damson Twist is easy to use; simply twist to Bluetooth for wireless operation, then sync up your device. Once synced, the Twist will remember your device, so just Twist and your last song will come blasting out without needing to press any buttons on your audio device.

Weighing in at a reassuring 12oz this aluminium tin can is stable enough to survive everyday knocks and is small and compact enough to be easily put in a bag.

Try putting the Damson Twist on different surfaces and listen to the different results, part of the fun of the Damson Twist is finding the right surface to give the best results.

Damson Twist Box Includes:

- 1x Damson Twist (Red)
- USB to Micro for charging
- 3.5mm - 3.5mm Audio Jack
- Protective Bag
- User Guide
- Damson Stickers


£29.99 £60.00

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