Snocks Winter Snow Socks (Fabric Tyre Chains)

Snocks are a high quality Snow Sock which when fitted to the driving wheels of your vehicle will provide grip on snow and ice.

Snocks easily and quickly slip over your tyres and are held in place by an elasticated band around the back of the wheel

The non-slip high tensity fabric is held in a central position by a patented “Central Tension Band” which forms the shape of the fabric around the tyre tread resulting in a greater inner contact surface

Snocks are a very convenient product and are easily stowed in boot space.

Unsure of which size you need ? view the size chart HERE

Each pack consists of:

  • x2 Snocks
  • A heavy duty carry bag which can be used to kneel on when fitting
  • A pair of fabric fitting gloves and water resistant fitting instructions.

£12.99 £54.99

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